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Common Core Alignment!

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Animate the Traits! with Our Six Writing Friends


Visual Aid Program for the Six Traits of Writing


  "My students enjoy the cartoon characters and finally understand the traits." Julie Blume- 4th grade teacher - CA

We guarantee your students will enjoy and learn from Our Six Writing Friends™. Once the visual connection is made, your students will apply the traits to their writing and raise their writing scores! These characters, like Ida Ideas and Oliver Organization, bring the writing traits to life. 


New! 3rd Edition set includes; 6 magnetic and color-coded writing friends, (all six, 8 1/2 x 11), an easy-to-use resource guide, Our Six Writing Friends' scoring rubric, a revising and editing checklist, plus new reproducible worksheets with bonus classroom ideas!  

And now for your interactive whiteboard (SMART and Promethean)! files are available! Download instructions are emailed after purchase.

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More support from teachers... 

"Finally a rubric and writing checklist that my students like using!" Elaine Zaragoza, 6th grade teacher-AZ

"The magnets make it easy to move the characters around while I teach" Kelli Clifford, Kindergarten Teacher - NV

And administrators are saying...

"My teachers are using the program with enthusiasm and can really see the impact of this colorful student-friendly program that makes the abstract come alive. Students are referring to the characters when evaluating their writing. Terrific! I would highly recommend this very affordable, colorful resource for every school."

Dr. Susan Harrison, Principal / Mesa, AZ


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  Do you feel stuck and unsure about what to write? 

You have Six Friends that can help you!   


Meet Ida Ideas & Content, Oliver Organization, Veronica Voice, Wendy Word Choice, Simon Sentence Fluency and Carlos Conventions now! 


Show off your writing!   

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Featured quickwrite:   

Alliteration Stories 

The "S" Story 

Alliteration uses the same beginning sounds to create beginning word rhymes. 

Simon Sentence Fluency adores alliteration!  


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